April 'Pirl' Potter has been involved in the Fashion, Arts & Entertainment industry for 20+  years working in film, television, music and fashion in various capacities.


She is a Producer, Director, Writer, Videographer, Talent Booker, Live Reporter, Emcee, Stylist and Promoter of the arts. April is fiercely dedicated to inspiring and connecting to others using media and entertainment as her medium- sharing it through Pirl Productions & Megatude Media.


April was the creator of Pirl's Playground hosted at Scarlet's Specialty Saloon in Folsom, CA and held a 7-year residency. Each week she booked live acoustic talent to perform before the DJ came in for the mid-week dance party.


When April's not on a production of sorts, she enjoys playing out in nature with her sidekick, Pirl Jr.